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Shock as a new analysis reveals that RUTO is to blame for all of Kenyans’ financial problems, including the exorbitant price of unga – Look! RAILA is a very good person.


Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for Azimio, may now exhale knowing that he is not to blame for the nation’s economic woes.

In a research published by Infotrak, it is claimed that Deputy President William Ruto is to blame for Kenyans’ current economic problems, particularly the high price of unga.

Ruto has been blaming Raila and their handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta for the nation’s economic woes.

The analysis identified Ruto as one of the primary drivers of the current economic downturn, along with climate change, poor leadership, the mishandling of public resources, and campaigns.

The major causes of misery in the country, according to the research, are corruption, Covid-19, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the report, at least 73 percent of Kenyans believe their nation is moving in the wrong path.

The majority of Kenyans who felt this way cited unemployment, poor politics, rising insecurity, poverty, and a lack of national cohesiveness as their causes.

Peace in the nation, the benefits of devolution, and excellent infrastructure were cited as the key factors by the 11% of Kenyans who believed that the nation was moving in the right way.

Others included low cost of living, better healthcare, an executive who was working, better education, and the fact that their favored candidate was in office.



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