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NELSON HAVI leaving RUTO on this – BABA is the fifth! A win for RAILA ODINGA!


Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, has gained significant support after attorney Nelson Havi backed up his demand for a manual register to be used on August 9th.

If the IEBC doesn’t utilize the manual register, there won’t be any elections, Havi, who is running for the Westlands Parliamentary seat on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket, said in an interview with KTN News on Wednesday.

He contends that for more free, fair, and credible elections, both the manual register and the biometric voter identifier must be utilized in tandem.

Without a manual registration, there cannot be elections, Havi said.

Havi appears to disagree with William Ruto, the deputy president of Kenya and the leader of his party, who has opposed the use of a manual register, stating that he supports the IEBC’s decision to solely utilize an electronic register.

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