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Weak candidates like BAHATI in Azimio will not be allowed to run in August, according to MARTHA KARUA; if we fail to do this, RUTO will defeat us.


Azimio- Martha Karua, a Kenya Alliance presidential candidate, has affirmed the alliance intends to prevent unqualified individuals from running in August.

Speaking on Sunday, Karua asserted that the coalition will persuade unpopular candidates to drop out of the General Election on August 9 in order to prevent vote splitting.

The Raila Odinga-led coalition, according to Karua, will conduct internal polls to pick the most popular candidates, who Azimio will support and order the remaining contestants to withdraw from.

Karua also expressed concern about the alliance losing seats as a result of the fierce competition among Azimio candidates for the same seats.

We will lose, according to Karua, if we register three candidates for one seat and Kenya Kwanza fields just one.

In order to give ODM candidate Antony Oluoch the chance to win the seat in August, contenders like Kevin Kioko Mbuvi of the Jubilee Party, who is running in the Mathare Constituency, have been persuaded to quit.



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