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See what DAVID MURATHE disclosed that has the youth interested. RAILA is now thinking about legalizing BHANG like WAJACKOYAH.


Raila Odinga, a presidential contender for Azimio La Umoja, could soon follow the Wajackoyah path.

This comes after Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe indicated that they are pressuring Raila to review the platform of the Roots Party, particularly his thoughts on cultivating medical marijuana.

Murathe asserted that Raila need to consider cultivating marijuana for medicinal purposes during an interview on Wednesday.

He pointed out that a lot of African nations have turned to the export of marijuana, and that this is a concept that many Kenyans, particularly the young, have shown a significant interest in.

“I agree with Wajackoyah’s views on marijuana. Yes, I did watch a documentary about marijuana in South Africa. It is not your typical marijuana. They hire agronomists and produce this in greenhouses because it is therapeutic. It’s pricey,” said Murathe.

“Nearby nations have achieved it. Examples of countries where it’s about making money include Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and Zambia. We are requesting that our candidate take medicinal use into account for the upcoming dispensation. The figures that Wajackoyah provides make sense.



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