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RUTO is now more afraid of GEORGE WAJACKOYAH than even RAILA because he thinks the “Ganja guy” would hang him for being in the opposition.


George Wajackoyah, the leader of the Roots Party and a candidate for president in 2022, is gaining popularity among young people in Kenya.

This is ascribed to his bizarre manifesto for young people, which calls for the establishment of snake farming and prolonged weekends among other things.

Wajackoyah has also made pledges to young people that he will legalize prostitution and the use of marijuana, which seem to be paying off for him.

The Kenya Kwanza has expressed fear that Wajackoyah’s rising popularity may prevent their candidate from having a chance to win the president, which has upset the camp of Deputy President William Ruto.

The Kenya Kwanza bandwagon was cautioned against underestimating presidential candidate George Wajackoyah in an interview by Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, a close friend of William Ruto’s.

He claimed that Wajackoyah is gaining momentum around the country because to his amusing promises.

He predicted that doing this would net him more than 500,000 votes, which may have been crucial in enabling the UDA presidential candidate defeat his fierce rival Raila Odinga in the first round.

“I’ve told you this Wajackoyah pushes hard enough and receives over 500,000 votes; he can easily cause a run-off,” the source said.

He is making amusing promises to the youths, therefore we are firing him. According to Cheruiyot, he is appealing to both middle-aged people and those who receive pay every two weeks in addition to young people.

Wajackoyah has gained notoriety in the Ruto and Raila 2022 presidential front-runners’ traditional strongholds, according to Cheruiyot, who also noted that his banners and posters may be put wherever without worrying about vandalism.



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