After being informed the blatant truth by Bishop MUHERIA, ganja man GEORGE WAJACKOYAH urges his followers to abandon the Catholic Church.


George Wajackoyah, a presidential candidate for the Roots Party, has advised his followers to avoid going to mass.

Following the Church’s warning to Kenyans not to associate with Wajackoyah due to his peculiar agenda, Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria issued the statement.

Prior to the August elections, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party made some contentious promises that have become the talk of the town.

His vows have gained traction with the younger population, worrying the church fraternity, from encouraging snake farming to legalizing prostitution to vowing to legalize bhang.

Wajackoyah, in a speech yesterday, retaliated against the church by charging that its leadership was stirring up Kenyans to oppose his candidacy.

Wajackoyah contends that because the clergy has not read his manifesto, they should refrain from critiquing it.

“Some bishops were discovered sleeping carelessly in the bushes, and instead of facing punishment, they are now here inciting Kenyans. They are unfamiliar with our manifesto. They only immediately started consuming marijuana. Tell those religious leaders that they need to understand that Kenya is not theirs, Wajackoyah stated.

The controversial attorney who is now running for office urged his supporters to think about boycotting churches that were against his campaign, particularly the Catholic Church, until they changed their minds.

“I’m referring to the small number of preachers. In this nation, the Catholic Church has flourished. It has made an effort to educate people and end poverty. I ask all Kenyans who pay attention to us and want to plan our future to boycott those churches till they say otherwise, he said, if they decide to launch this campaign to discredit Wajackoyah.

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