Is MARTHA KARUA manipulating RAILA ODINGA in order to set him up for negative outcomes?


Political analyst Gabriel Muthuma has weighed in on Raila Odinga’s decision to declare March 20, 2023, a public holiday.

Muthuma said in an interview yesterday that Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua is playing the former Prime Minister after she asked him to declare a public holiday.

“I believe Martha Karua is portraying Raila Odinga.”

“This is because if there is one person who knows the law from top to bottom, it is Martha Karua, so when she goes on stage, picks a microphone, and tells Raila Odinga to come and proclaim that 20 March would be a public holiday fully knowing the office that is mandated to gazette public holidays,” Muthuma explained.

“You can’t say she’s operating on forgivable ignorance.”

“What Martha Karua is doing is inciting Raila against the government, and when the fight breaks out, she will be somewhere behind laughing,” he added.

Raila agreed to Karua’s request to declare a public holiday on March 20 in order to allow Azimio supporters to participate in demonstrations on Tuesday in Siaya.

“I hereby declare that Monday, March 20th, will be a public holiday in the name of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance,” Raila said.

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