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After making an offensive joke about a woman’s breasts and making her cry, DJ PAT SHARP loses his radio show


Pat Sharp, a popular DJ, has lost his radio show after making a crude joke about a woman’s breasts and causing her to cry.

Mr. Sharp, 61, who was the celebrity guest host at the industry event, ‘humiliated’ events boss Lizzy Eaton in front of 400 people last Friday by joking about ‘getting on your t**s,’ which she said made her feel’violated.

The star of 1990s ITV children’s game show Fun House, who has hosted a show on Greatest Hits Radio since 2019, said his contract was set to expire at the end of this month, but he will ‘not return to the station with immediate effect’.

‘Pat Sharp – AS SEEN ON FUN HOUSE – LOOKING SHARP SINCE 1982,’ the ex-I’m a Celebrity contestant said while presenting at the awards show.

‘That’s the only way I’ll get on your t**ts today,’ he said.

According to the Sun, the events director then threw the t-shirt at Mr Sharp and walked off the stage in tears.

Ms. Eaton slammed Mr Sharp after the incident at the Conference News Agency Awards at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, saying, ‘I was publicly humiliated in a sexual nature, on stage in front of 400 of my colleagues and peers, by the celebrity host of an industry event.

‘I was in complete shock afterwards and hadn’t really processed what had happened. Today I’m struggling with it – I feel sad, dirty, and, frankly, violated,’ she wrote to business associates on LinkedIn.

‘I have worked extremely hard to earn my reputation and, hopefully, to be an inspiration to other young women in the events industry. But yesterday, in front of hundreds of people I respect, I was belittled, sexualized, and objectified.’

The event organizers have since apologized, which Ms. Eaton has accepted, but she has stated that the “shame and embarrassment I now feel will be with me for quite some time.”

‘The message you sent walking off that stage sent a message to so many of our peers and women; we neither have to nor will not tolerate this,’ she later said to Ms Eaton on social media.

‘You stood with grace and dignity, and you dealt with an awful bloody moment with admirable strength.’

Mr. Sharp has since apologized, saying, ‘Last Friday, I made a joke on stage that was not well received. I deeply regret upsetting one individual in particular.

‘I apologized to anyone who was offended at the event, and I personally apologized to the individual.’

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