Following a mob violence in Thika town, 9 Nigerians narrowly avoid death


Authorities are looking into an incident in which nine Nigerians were attacked by a mob in Thika town and nearly lynched.

According to reports, the Nigerian nationals were observed by the locals performing rituals in Makongeni estate.

They denied the accusations and said they were in prayer.

A fight broke out, and the locals, who were also part of the bloodthirsty crowd, started hitting the visitors while raising the alarm to get more attention.

Fortunately, police officers on patrol saved the victims from being killed and took them straight to the hospital.

After suffering significant injuries, they were later sent to Thika Level Five Hospital, where they are currently in stable condition.

Dr. Resla Onyango, speaking on behalf of the police, said that they are looking into the incident and condemned the mob’s behavior.

Mob lynching is illegal, thus everyone should be aware that it will be looked into and that action will be taken.

She encouraged the government to take action against any culprits after pointing out a disturbing trend of mob lynchings.

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