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When a missing female KCSE candidate was discovered with a rogue police officer at his home, they were both jailed in Kapenguria.

After being discovered in his home with a missing female KCSE candidate, a police officer was detained.

The girl’s father reported that his daughter vanished on November 21st.

After filing a report with the police, it was discovered that the girl had been imprisoned in the home of a rogue police officer named James Njuguna at Keringet Police Station.

Police were called into action by the station’s OCS, who then broke into Njuguna’s home.

The pair was detained, led to the station, booked, and put in a cell after being arrested.

The girl, who stated her age to be 21, was transported right away to the hospital for examinations.

She was unwilling to provide information to the officers looking into the case, though.

Njuguna is being held at the Kapenguria Police Station while the incident is being investigated.

Detectives from the Kapenguria-based Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) took over the investigation.


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