Beautiful ANN GATHUMBI is murdered by her dumped boyfriend; she was such a sweet person (PHOTOs).


Ann Gathumbi, a middle-aged woman, perished at the hands of her dumped boyfriend.

The horrible deed, according to sources, was carried out by Ann’s lover after she dumped him for another guy.

Although there are still few clues about her murder, her close friends have paid tribute to her on social media.

A buddy posted a picture of herself and her murderous lover at a happier time and questioned why he wouldn’t just let her move on.

“Killing is never an option; I wish you would have allowed Anna to find peace and move on. She is many people’s mother, daughter, and sister. You won’t ever experience serenity for all time, the article warns.

Another buddy expressed shock at her passing because they had just recently spoken.

As can be seen in the pictures below, Anna was a really happy person.

May her soul rest in peace.

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