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An ailing Kenyan woman who lives in Germany describes how Rev. LUCY NATASHA connected with her after she asked for prayers. She exceeds KANYARI in badness.


A sick Kenyan woman who now resides in Germany has accused flamboyant city preacher Rev. Lucy Natasha of defrauding her when she asked for prayers.

The resentful woman has been ill for the past 25 years, which has led her to ask Rev. Natasha for spiritual intervention.

She used a video chat to speak with Rev. Natasha and her assistant pastor, Nyaga, who asked Ksh 10,000 ($100) for private prayers.

The woman, however, informed them that she could only afford Ksh 7,000.

She sent Natasha the money and then revealed the wound that has been keeping her up at night for the past 25 years.

She was informed of her bewitching by Natasha, who requested Ksh 300,000 to pray for her release.

She informed Natasha that she could only afford Ksh 60,000 and that she currently does not have the money she was demanding.

The flamboyant preacher cut off connection when Natasha instructed her to put the money in her bank account, leaving her stranded.

Rev. Natasha has been charged with requesting payment in order to pray for sick people previously.

There is a price tag on each offering.

The woman describes how Natasha cheated her.

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