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UHURU is RAILA’s No. 1 enemy! See how he has messed up BABA big time – No wonder RUTO is likely to defeat him come August.


Moses Kuria, a Gatundu South MP and candidate for governor of Kiambu, has made the astonishing accusation that President Uhuru Kenyatta finished ODM Leader Raila Odinga when they shook hands following the contested 2017 elections.

Raila put the government on notice before their handshake by making sure that living expenses were manageable.

But since he joined the Jubilee administration in part, the average man’s situation has gotten worse, with several Kenyans and politicians attributing their woes to the handshake.

Kuria claims that Uhuru severely damaged Raila by removing him from the common people.

Speaking in an interview, Kuria noted that Raila had lost interest in addressing the high cost of living since shaking hands with Uhuru.

“After taking Raila away from the average man, Uhuru has tampered with Raila. Moses Kuria said that Tinga (Raila Odinga) of old was more in tune with the average person than those of us who opposed him.

The leader of the Chama Cha Kazi party claimed that Raila is now concentrating on the needs of the Mt. Kenya millionaires and the “Deep State,” who have approved his candidacy in the upcoming elections.

Kuria charged Raila with defending the failings of the Jubilee administration while charging the Jubilee administration for orchestrating the high cost of living through widespread corruption.

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