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Astonishment at MATIANG’I’s current threat to remove RUTO’s security, leaving him vulnerable for a few days to the general election.

Deputy President William Ruto has been cautioned by Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i not to continue criticizing the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai and other top security officers in the nation.

Matiang’i cautioned Ruto to quit disrespecting Mutyambai and other top officials as some of them had been tasked with protecting his life while speaking during an administration officers’ pass-out parade in Embakasi yesterday.

If Ruto didn’t appreciate the policemen in charge of keeping him safe, he threatened to remove Ruto’s security.

Matiang’i asserts that Ruto won’t receive any sympathy votes in the general election on August 9 as a result of the attacks on security officers.

“I understand that people sometimes feel as though they will not succeed. However, resorting to attacking security agents would not increase your chances of winning votes.

“Honor those who work in the security industry. Many of the people you wish to discredit even run the security units that guard you, according to Matiang’i.

The minister of the interior further cautioned lawmakers to refrain from involving the National Police Service and government officials in their political disputes and to leave them to carry out their duties.

“I would want to request political leaders to keep us all out of the political atmosphere, not to politicize security problems, and not to undercut the reputation and job that security officers do.”

Given that they were arguably the best in the area, Matiang’i said he had faith in the security personnel. He also reaffirmed their commitment to acting impartially when entrusting the public with their obligations.

The CS was addressing allegations made by Ruto that Kenya’s Inspector General was the most incompetent in the world and that his independence had been compromised.


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