The infamous Pastor JAMES NG’ANG’A has vowed to assassinate WAJACKOYAH before the August 9 elections, putting his life in risk.


Unpopular Roots Party George Wajackoyah, a candidate for president, may be in grave danger.

This is in response to the notorious Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s threat to severely beat him if they meet over his contentious manifesto.

Recently, Ng’ang’a criticized Wajackoyah’s bhang manifesto in one of his sermons.

The man of God stated that if fighting Wajackoyah were the only way to stop him from supporting marijuana cultivation, he would do so.

I will deal with you. Nitakushambulia, unitoe meno ama nikutoe Give us respect Kenya is a Christian nation, therefore either you pull out my teeth or I pull out yours,” stated Ng’ang’a.

The clearly incensed pastor said that Wajackoyah might be cursed and wished for his death prior to the presidential election on August 9 so that he wouldn’t bring curses upon Kenyan youth.

“Kenya to grow marijuana? The man of the cloth said, “May you be cursed and pass away before your time so you won’t bring curses on Kenyan kids.

The attorney, who holds more than seven academic degrees, claimed in an earlier interview that marijuana cultivation will allow Kenya to pay its obligations and ensure that Kenyans have enough money wherever they go, allowing us to maintain and stop the debt issue.

Wajackoyah also calls for the legalization of exporting the testicles of hyenas, snake farming, hanging the corrupt, and prostitution in his manifesto.

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