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See what RAILA had to say about RUTO’s exhaustive platform, which has many Kenyans in awe. Has he gone crazy?


Deputy President William Ruto’s manifesto has been criticized by ODM leader Raila Odinga as being “underwhelming.”

Raila questioned Ruto’s failure to address corruption in a statement issued through Makau Mutua, his presidential campaign spokesperson.

He stated that the DP’s failure to explain how they will fight the “monster” is lacking and that corruption is a significant issue in the nation.

The UDA Manifesto noticeably omitted discussing the country’s most pressing problem. The phrase “corruption” was not spoken, not even once by Mr. Ruto.

Mr. Ruto avoided bringing up the phrase in any way like the plague. We know the reason,” Raila stated.

Raila continued by saying that due to the makeup of its members, the Kenya Kwanza alliance is unable to combat the corruption monster.

He claimed that the coalition is made up of dubious individuals with a history of corruption.

Criminals convicted of economic crimes and those suspected of corruption against Kenyan citizens are housed under its enormous tents. Mr. Ruto is a person who has a history of scandal,” he continued.

On Thursday at Kasarani, Ruto unveiled his manifesto and went into great depth with Kenyans about what he will accomplish as president.



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