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Look! JOHNSON SAKAJA is not the only one going down! He desires to die with RAILA ODINGA.
June 21, 20220

Sen. Johnson Sakaja of Nairobi, who is in trouble, doesn’t seem to be dying alone.

After Raila Odinga’s bogus degree issue, he sought to be dropped alongside him as a presidential candidate for Azimio.

In the ongoing investigation into the accuracy of his degree certificate, the Commission for University Education (CUE) requested copies of graduation images from Sakaja.

Sakaja and other lawmakers connected to the Kenya Kwanza alliance, however, accused the commission of applying the law arbitrarily.

They asked why no other candidates had been requested to produce graduation images before certification of the degrees.

Speaking yesterday at the Karen home of Deputy President William Ruto, Sakaja urged CUE to include Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party.

Raila abebe gown, wakitaka niende na. Sakaja remarked, “Twende na gown zetu uko, tuoneshe gown za graduation.

This roughly translates to, “If they want Raila to carry his robe, I should go with mine. We’d want to show them our graduation gowns, so let’s go with them.

Having two sets of laws—one for him and another for everyone else, in Sakaja’s opinion—is wrong.

Sakaja, a UDA party candidate for Nairobi governor, went on to defend his schooling, claiming that his record speaks for itself.


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