DP Ruto tells Uhuru, ‘I may have fallen short of your expectations, please forgive me.’


President Uhuru Kenyatta has received an apology from Deputy President William for failing to achieve his expectations.
DP Ruto apologized to failing his boss during their 10-year term at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, but he also said he had forgiven those who had offended him.

In the run-up to the General Election, he claimed that his goal is to be “free of the debt of hurt.”

“As Deputy President, I may have fallen short of my boss’s standards, and his excellency the President, my good friend, I beg your pardon,” Ruto added.

“I’m aware that many individuals have been injured on this road, but I forgive everyone.” I want us to go into this election with a positive attitude.

“And as you prepare to retire, it is my hope that God provide you all of your heart’s desires, allowing you to appreciate the legacy you have created and the tranquility that God will grant you,” Ruto stated.

DP Ruto promised Kenyans of peace ahead of the next General Elections, saying that if he does not win the seat, he will respect the results.

“I understand there is a lot of concern about the election results. “I want to speak on behalf of my team, and we will do all in our ability to ensure that the elections are held in a calm manner,” Ruto added.

“I feel that whoever wins this election will be a good president.”

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