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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un directs a simulated nuclear attack on the United States and South Korea


President Kim Jong Un stated on Monday, March 20, that North Korea must be prepared to launch nuclear counterattacks at any time in order to prevent conflict, accusing the United States and South Korea of holding joint military exercises close to the country.

According to the state-run Korean Central News Agency, Kim made his comments after “guiding” combined tactical exercises over the weekend that involved operational units simulating a nuclear counterattack against North Korea’s enemies. He claimed that the exercises “greatly improved the actual war capability of the units” (KCNA).

According to the official media, a North Korean ballistic missile fired on Sunday, March 19, and fitted with a dummy nuclear warhead traveled around 800 kilometers (500 miles) before striking a target at an altitude of 800 meters (0.5 miles).

North Korean troops were able to get “familiar with any unexpected circumstances and make them more fully equipped in their active posture of making a quick and overwhelming nuclear assault [at] anytime” thanks to military exercises, Kim was cited as saying by KCNA.

Kim and his daughter Kim Ju Ae both made appearances in photos.

“Continually organizing and conducting such drills under the imagined conditions of an actual conflict,” he argued, was crucial.

Ju Ae, who is said to be roughly 9 years old, has recently been seen in numerous photos with her father at missile launches.

Strategic American B-1B bombers, F-35A stealth fighters from the South Korean Air Force, and F-16 fighters from the US Air Force participated in the joint exercises between the US and North Korea.

Kim demanded that North Korea “bolster up its nuclear war deterrence massively” because he stated that his enemies were becoming “ever more evident in their movements for aggression” and that the US and South Korea were boosting joint military exercises involving American nuclear assets.

Kim was cited as saying, “The practice marked a major occasion in preparing our nuclear battle force to promptly and accurately accomplish its critical role of war deterrent and securing war initiative any moment and under all unexpected circumstances.” State media.



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