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If Ukraine fails to defend itself against Russia, Poland will be forced to ‘enter the war,’ warns Warsaw’s ambassador to France


Poland would ‘no choice’ but to ‘join the fight’ in Ukraine if the war-torn nation failed to defend itself, warned Warsaw’s ambassador to France.

Because the foundation of Ukraine’s “civilization and culture” would be in jeopardy if it failed to defend itself against Russia, Jan Emeryk Rociszewski predicted that Poland would have to join the conflict.

In an interview with the French TV channel LCI yesterday, Mr. Rociszewski made the assertions.

He declared: “Russia, which has invaded Ukraine, is applying ever-increasing pressure, not NATO, Poland, or Slovakia.

“Russia is annexing its territories. Russia, which is murdering its own citizens. And Russia, which kidnaps young Ukrainians.

Thus, either today’s independence defense by Ukraine, or our involvement in this fight, is required.

Because our fundamental ideals—which formed the cornerstone of our civilisation and culture—will be under danger. We shall therefore be forced to join the battle.

Nonetheless, certain media outlets have been criticized by Poland’s embassy in France as being “sensationalist” for reporting that Mr. Rociszewski proclaimed Poland’s direct involvement in the fight.

The Embassy issued a statement that read: “Ambassador Rociszewski advocated for the necessity of friends supporting Ukraine during a thirty-minute chat with the editor. He also discussed the danger that Russia poses to Europe and its ideals.

“A careful listening to the entire conversation makes it clear that there was no announcement of Poland’s direct involvement in the conflict, only a warning of the consequences that a Ukrainian defeat could have, including the potential for a Russian attack or the involvement of more Central European nations, including the Baltic States and Poland.”

Poland said last week that it would give Ukraine MiG-29 fighter planes in “four to six” weeks.

Only weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it pledged to deploy the fighter jets and has already sent 14 Leopard 2 tanks built in Germany.



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