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FAITH MUTANU reveals that there was a commotion in the bedroom where the deceased was locked with three men before he died in the mysterious death of JEFF MWATHI


Below is a post by Simon Mwangi Muthiora, the blogger who exposed Jeff Mwathi’s murder while inquiries were still ongoing.

According to Mutanu and the third girl, there was a disturbance in the bedroom where Jeff was sequestered with three men. Did Jeff put up a fight? Yes. The extent of his resistance and the injuries he sustained prior to being subdued and rendered immobile for the fall, however, are unknown. As a skilled detective, DCI Kasarani ought to have physically inspected the suspects for wounds, lacerations on their hands, faces, knuckles, and other areas.

The “murder weapon” is evidence that Jeff must have exerted effort. DCI Kasarani took DNA samples from his fingernails, right? He most likely fought back, and during that struggle, their DNA may have been taken from their bodies. Did DCI Kasarani carry out a proper investigation to determine the cause of Jeff’s pants being down, assuming he was sexually molested?

Did they also check for the presence of genital warts, which are quite common in adult men in addition to semen? It is important to note that many people live their entire lives with this virus undetected.

During rape and sodomy, genital warts or genital rice can be transmitted. To confirm this, did DCI Kasarani check the building’s bathrooms for the presence of these rice on bath towels or elsewhere? It would have been extremely damaging evidence to discover these rice on the victim and suspects.

In addition, the sink basins and their traps needed to be checked. Before refusing to open the door for the management, the suspects would have had to clean up if Jeff had been seriously hurt and was bleeding inside the residence. These traps have a long-term blood retention capacity. Kasarani looked into these traps, right? Why not, then? Maybe a cover-up?

The DJ, in my opinion, returned to the house after being informed that things were under control. Phone triangulation could substantiate this.

The autopsy report states that Jeff was still alive when he fell to the ground. He might have been unconscious and only half-dead, in which case his heart was still beating. Did DCI Kasarani collect prints from the aforementioned window? Did they notice the tampering with the window grills? What did they decide? Did Jeff succeed in getting himself out the window, make the necessary repairs, and then jump to his death?

We now move on to phone records. Regardless, Jeff must receive justice.



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