An eye was gouged out of a Kisumu widow with pliers by her husband’s brother, leaving her in misery (PHOTOs)


Milka Atieno, a widow from Kisumu’s Nyaori neighborhood, is pleading for justice after being physically assaulted by her husband’s brother.

The evil man, who has yet to be apprehended, attacked the victim and used pliers to gouge out one of her eyes.

The ambulance rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late.

The doctors were forced to remove the eye.

Milka has reportedly been subjected to hell by her in-laws since her husband’s death.

According to a close friend of the victim on social media, her attacker is a well-known criminal.

He is said to have murdered his father, and everyone in the village fears him.

Concerned Kenyans have started a hashtag to demand justice for Milka.

Take a look at the photos.

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