Father imprisons his 10-year-old kid for one month, tortures him, and burns his hands over unpaid bills (Graphic PHOTOs)


Ibrahim Ousmanou, a man, has been accused of burning the hands of his 10-year-old son for allegedly stealing FCFA 70,000 in Bassara, a town in the Mayo-Tsanaga Division of Cameroon’s Far-North region.

Photos of a small boy with his hands burned have gone viral on social media, with enraged Cameroonians seeking the death penalty for the cruel parent.

The boy, named as Aboubakary Ibrahim, a class two student at government school Bassara, was accused of stealing FCFA 70,000 by his father.

As punishment, the youngster was supposedly kept in a chamber for 30 days, tortured, and had his hands burned until all of his digits disappeared.

According to reports, the guy was apprehended following an anonymous tip and is currently in police custody.

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