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According to Prof. MAKAU MUTUA, RAILA ODINGA’s henchman, the Kikuyus will grit their teeth at the election of DP RUTO.

Prof. Makau Mutua, the campaign spokesman for Azimio One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga, lamented the Kikuyu community’s choice to support William Ruto in the recently held presidential election.

Ruto and his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidates secured a resounding victory in the whole Mt. Kenya area.

Despite selecting Martha Karua as his running mate, Raila Odinga had a disastrous performance, as Ruto’s UDA won 33 of the region’s parliamentary seats.

Makau responded by saying that the Mt. Kenya region “would only comprehend the worth of water when the well is dry” in response to the region’s strong support for Ruto.

The Mountain has been expertly manipulated by RUTO. When the well runs dry, my cherished cousins will understand the value of water, Prof. Makau Mutua stated on his Twitter page.


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