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You won’t believe what RAILA ODINGA’s children said to RUTO in response to his constant moaning and sobbing.


After yesterday’s news conference, during which Deputy President William Ruto alleged a government scheme to meddle with the next General Election, Raila Odinga’s kids made fun of him.

Ruto bemoaned the use of regional administrators and state intimidation to sway voters in favor of Raila Odinga, his major rival.

Many people were surprised by the deputy president’s press conference given that he was criticizing the government of which he was still a member.

Winnie and Raila Odinga Junior shot back at the DP, telling him to get ready to take over as the opposition leader.

Winnie, who has seen his father lose five presidential elections, said in a statement that she has accumulated enough experience to be able to predict how a candidate will act in the final days before the election.

According to my experience, if you start press conferences, you are in the opposition. “,” she wrote in a tweet.

Raila Odinga Junior, on his part, warned William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza brigade to brace themselves for more traumatic experiences (as Opposition politicians).

“Confrontation is not for the timid. You need healthy, substantial meals, lots of water, exercise, and a solid support system, Junior tweeted.

The two siblings have been integral parts of Raila’s political career and aren’t afraid to defend or challenge anyone who disparages him in public.

Since the Jubilee government took office in 2013, they have been staunch opponents of Ruto.



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