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Even at the hospital, they were unable to determine my gender because I was effeminate from birth, says African transgender musician ANGEL MAXINE.

The first transgender musician from Ghana, Angel Maxine, has spoken out about the alleged “prejudice and ostracization” they experience in the nation of West Africa.

Maxine stated in a BBC interview that she has accepted and welcomed her biological difference and that there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

She stated that from the moment of her birth, she began exhibiting feminine characteristics, leading doctors to question her gender even though she possessed a penis.

said Maxine

“Even at the hospital, they were unable to determine my gender. Is this a man or a female, they will ask. Before they can realize that I have a penis, they have to unwrap me and carry me around.

“I frequently felt as though I was living someone else’s life. Obaaberima… Kojo Besia… I eventually came to own it. So I say “hey, hi” when you call me Kojo Besia or Obaa Berima. I only had it. I go by the name Angel Maxine and am the first openly transgender musician from Ghana.

Additionally, the singer stressed that the LGBTQ movement is not a novel concept. Maxine tacked on

“Angel didn’t go and choose anyone’s way of life or culture. I have always been effeminate. I was thinking, “I’m really exhausted, and this is me,” despite criticism from family and others. I then began performing my music in public while donning my Santiago boots, shorts, and other accessories.

“And that was where I really saw myself like, Hey, this is me. This is the beautiful picture I’ve always been seeing, and this is what I want to show outside.”


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