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9 months after giving birth to son Wave, Cardi B says she wants a stomach tuck to remove “extra little skin.”


Nine months after giving birth to her son, Wave, Cardi B has admitted she is not content with her post-baby physique and is ready to have surgery.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper, 29, announced her intention to undergo a belly tuck via her Instagram Stories after first undergoing liposuction in 2019.

The Grammy winner remarked, showing off her dress to supporters and touching her stomach, “This stomach, is giving tummy tuck.”

She remarked, “Like, it’s not horrible, but I just don’t like this additional little skin.” “I’ve gained a little more weight than usual, but I don’t like it and I want to lose it. I believe Wavey mistreated me in some way.

The mother of two is presently preparing her second studio album for release, and she made it plain that after the press tour is through, she’s going to lose that “extra little skin.”

In order to get the f-k out and perform my f-king surgery, I can’t wait to release this song and accomplish more stuff. I’m done with it,” she added. “Me and surgery don’t get along well. We get along incredibly well.



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