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SHOCK as details of the $10,000 fraud that led to the cold-blooded death of blogger FRANK OBEGI surface, revealing that he was a member of internet fraudsters based in Kasarani.


It is now becoming clear that the assassinated blogger Frank Obegi, whose dismembered body was found at Kijabe Forest on Sunday, was a member of the infamous con artists based at Seasons in Kasarani.

A close friend of the deceased blogger claimed that he had received advice from his brother not to get involved in dishonest endeavors.

Prior to engaging in bitcoin fraud, Obegi began with ATM fraud.

One of his buddies claims that on Monday of last week, he and his gang mates conned someone out of $10,000 (Ksh 1 Million).

In an effort to recover his money, the victim prepared a spiteful mission.

Obegi and his group were kidnapped by a gang he hired.

Before being thrown in Kijabe Forest, they underwent torture and had their bodies dismembered.

After scamming someone in Kasarani during the lockdown, Obegi and one of his gang members nearly got killed.

After being freed by the police, he continued his fraudulent activities. He was saved by the police.

Here is a Twitter conversation that describes the murderous blogger’s dark side.



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