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Drama As Pastor Kanyari ‘Casts Out Demons’ From Actor Omosh


A dubious, now popular video purports to show Kenyan actor and comedian ‘Omosh,’ real name Joseph Kinuthia, attending an exorcism.
The viral video, which went viral on Monday, raised eyebrows, especially because the alleged ‘exorcism’ was performed by Prophet Kanyari, the famed man of cloth.

Pastor Kanyari begins the video by proclaiming that he had delivered ‘Omosh’ from the devils who are now holding him captive.

With a flick of his wrist, and generous, erratic gestures, the preacher who was outed sometime in 2015 for hoodwinking his flock, then sends actor sprawling to the floor, before declaring him freed. 

“Nimemfungulia Joseph anga, ndio Nyota yake ikaweze kurejea,… I set this man free,” the peacher says. 

In an interview with Tuko, the once high-flying actor denied staging the viral video, and offered tha he has just succumbed to the ‘spirit’ which sent him to the floor. 

“Mtumishi wa Mungu kukuombea si vibaya.There was no acting there. I was being prayed for you I was deep in prayers. When he put his hand on me nikajirelease kama ni baraka siwezi kaza mguu ionekane sikuanguka. No! I fell,” Omosh was quoted as saying. 

The actor has been on and off headlines since opening up about his dire financial status, partly occasioned by the global pandemic. 

Last year, Omosh made headlines when he revealed his severe financial situation, which he blamed on the global coronavirus outbreak.

Kenyans inspired by his story donated in droves, giving him cash and a new home, among other things.

Soon after, he’d be back on the television, this time pleading for further assistance, much to the chagrin of well-wishers.

In his defense, he claimed that the contributions from Kenyans totaled around Ksh.700,000 and were primarily used to pay off his obligations.



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