Following a knee injury, Tanzanian singer Zuchu has canceled a concert in Nigeria.


Zuchu, a Tanzanian singer, was injured in a car accident on Sunday and is recovering.
The tragedy happened a day before the singer’s scheduled performance in Nigeria, which she had to postpone.

On Twitter, she stated, “Nimepata Ajali ndogo iliyo umiza goti langu jana siku moja kabla ya safari yangu kwenda kuperform Kwenye show Ya Muhimu kwangu nchini Nigeria.”

“As an artist, siwezi leo ndo nimejua, canceling an exhibition is one of the most difficult decisions.”

Zuchu followed up with a photo of her grazed knee, which she appeared to be prepping for stitching.

She expressed her regret for having to cancel the show, stating that she must focus on her recovery.

“My manager keeps telling me Afya ni muhimu ila najua ntajiskia vibaya zaidi kutaka kucancell kwenye show kama hii naona bora nikapambanie stagini so pray for me.”


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