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Goodbye, Alikua jambazi sugu, as police unveil the criminal record of the guy assassinated in gangland fashion on Mirema Drive.


Samuel Mugoto, 49, was a known criminal who was shot dead inside his car on Mirema Drive along Thika Road.

According to police sources, Samuel, also known as ‘Keupe’ among pals, was the leader of a violent group that used to provide consumers in clubs stupefying substances before robbing them.

Women would drug male guests in Thika Road clubs and steal their phones and ATM cards, which they would then provide to Samuel.

He’d then withdraw cash from the stolen ATM cards.

“The man was the boss of a large racket that largely involved women who were used to spike revelers’ beverages before stealing from the customers,” a Kasarani police officer who requested anonymity said.

He had been caught multiple times by investigators from Pangani and Kasarani and sent to court over SIM swapping and the ‘wash wash’ racket before he was slain on Monday afternoon.

He evaded justice by exploiting flaws in the Kenyan legal system.

The shooting incident is being investigated, according to Kasarani police chief Peter Mwanzo.

However, eyewitnesses reported that the lone gunman who killed the legendary criminal appeared to know him well and could have been an undercover cop.



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