Home Lifestyle BRITNEY SPEARS asks her fans to respect her personal space.

BRITNEY SPEARS asks her fans to respect her personal space.


After a fan-initiated police visit because she canceled her Instagram account, Britney Spears has begged with too zealous followers to respect her privacy.

The singer, 41, who just deactivated her Instagram account, posted on Twitter once more about her difficulties protecting her privacy and expressed her frustration that she felt “gaslighted” and “bullied.”

Spears said that the cops never “entered” her home but instead remained at the gate since the situation had “gone a bit too far.”

As everyone is aware, the police were called to her house as a result of some hoax phone calls. “I respect and appreciate my fans, but this time I feel that my privacy was violated a little too much.”

She was clear that “The cops never entered my home,” and they had allegedly arrived at her gate but had found “no issue” before leaving.

When the episode reached the headlines, she said, “I felt like I was being gaslighted, bullied, and the media was once again painting me in a negative and unfair way.”

“At this point in my life, I sincerely hope that the general public and my devoted followers can respect my privacy going forward. Love to you, B.

Spears, 41, is believed to be outraged by their unannounced visit, but Ventura County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to the home eventually found that “there was no cause to suspect she was in danger.”

According to TMZ, the singer was upset by the inconvenience but knew her passionate followers were behaving out of love.



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