At VSPOT LOUNGE in Thika, a man loses Ksh 300,000 to the notorious beauties known as MCHELE BABIES. The club’s waiters are allegedly in collusion with the infamous babes.


A man is counting his losses after being drugged on July 4 at Vspot Lounge in Thika by the infamous mchele girls and having his Mpesa account drained.

Evan Kamunge, the victim, lost Ksh 300,000 to the mchele women after they tampered with his drink.

He called the institution after the occurrence, but the management declined to give CCTV evidence, raising suspicions that staff employees, particularly servers, might be in collusion with the mchele women.

Safaricom also declined to provide details and biodata concerning the people who withdrew the money from his Mpesa accounts.

The victim reached out to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, hoping that he will get justice.

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