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JAMIE, BRITNEY SPEARS’ father, refutes allegations that he spied on her phone and denies bugging her room.


Jamie Spears, the singer Britney Spears’ estranged father, has denied bugging her bedroom while acting as her conservator.

Nine months after a shocking New York Times documentary claimed he had secretly taped Britney, 40, in her California home, Jamie, 69, delivered a sworn testimony to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, June 29.

“I have been aware of the claim… that a listening device, or ‘bug,’ was installed [in] her bedroom as surveillance during the conservatorship. Page Six claims to have seen court records in which Jamie states, “This allegation is bogus.

He continued, “At any time, even during the conservatorship, I never performed or authorized any surveillance of Britney’s bedroom. “I don’t know of any such surveillance being place,”

Jamie further stated that he “could and would testify” that his statement is “accurate and correct” if “called and sworn as a witness” and that he did so “under penalty of perjury.”

In his confession regarding the Times’ allegation, he did not, however, dispute that he had reportedly spied on Britney’s phone. He disregarded it.

In the September 2021 premiere of “The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears” on FX and Hulu, a former security guard claimed that Jamie Spears had secretly recorded more than 180 hours of audio of Britney in her bedroom, including conversations with her kids and lawyer, in addition to keeping track of her cellphone’s text messages, calls, and internet history.

The whistleblower, Vlasov, whose company, Black Box Security, Jamie Spears hired to guard Britney while she was under conservatorship, supported his claims by allegedly providing recordings, emails, and texts to the Times, which concurrently published a front-page report outlining what it called “an intense surveillance apparatus.”

Although neither at the time specifically refuted Vlasov’s allegations, Jamie’s attorney at the time, Lee Thoreen, stated in the documentary that her client’s “activities were done with the knowledge and approval of Britney, her court-appointed counsel [Samuel D. Ingham], and/or the court.”

Jamie had “engaged in and instructed others to participate in outrageous violations of [Britney’s] privacy and civil rights,” according to Rosengart’s investigation of the newspaper’s story in January.



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