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Unsuspecting male clubgoers were preyed upon by a man dressed as a woman who was apprehended in Eldoret (PHOTOs).


A man from Eldoret has discovered a fresh method for attracting men before robbing them.

Online sources claim that the man named as Kelvin Kosgei pretended to be a woman by donning a long dress and a wig on his head, giving him the appearance of a stunning woman who “no normal” man would reject.

He then set up camp in a pub to pounce on gullible male partygoers.

He was approached by a very inebriated male who pretended to be a woman and begged for his “fun” services.

They settled on a fee and reserved a space.

The victim did not realize he would not appreciate what he had paid for when the pair entered the room.

Kosgei is claimed to have then overpowered the inebriated man and vanished.

He returned to the pub to wait for his second victim, eager to reap additional rewards from the evening.

The second man, who was less inebriated than the first, raised an alert when he discovered Kosgei was a man dressing as a woman.

People in the area sprang into action and captured him.

When police arrived on the scene, he was taken into custody.

View his pictures.

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