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‘It’s the finest period of my life, and I adore him,’ JENNIFER LOPEZ exclaims about BEN AFFLECK.


Jennifer Lopez, a 52-year-old singer, dancer, and actress, has spoken out about her relationship with actor Ben Affleck, 49.

In April of this year, the couple became engaged for the second time, 18 years after Affleck proposed to her in 2004.

‘While she loves her profession, nothing is more fulfilling to her than having a family with Affleck,’ she revealed in an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, June 9.

She went on the show to promote a new $14 billion business loan program that will provide financial assistance to low-income Latina businesses.

The concept was developed in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Grameen America, a non-profit organization.

Since reconciling with the on-screen star in May 2021 – 17 years after they split up and ended their first engagement – J.Lo has confessed that she has been having “the best time of her life.”

When asked about her fiance, J Lol stated, “This is the finest period of my life.”

‘I enjoy my job, but nothing makes me happier than being able to start a family with someone I adore and who is just as committed to family and each other as we are.’

Lopez, who has two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony and will soon become stepmother to Affleck’s three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, said she ‘loves the idea of the future and what [she and Affleck] can create,’ but that she’really wants to savor the moment and stay real present in it as much as she can.’

“Two extremely fortunate individuals. Who was the lucky recipient of a second chance at true love? she remarked

‘Green has always been my lucky color, and it will continue to be.



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