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Why didn’t you perform some background research before getting married? People react after a LADY learns that her husband has not been circumcised.

After a woman described how she learned that her new spouse is not circumcised, Facebook users responded.

According to Sithole Portia, her husband claimed that he chose not to have his male child circumcised because it hurts.

“I want your opinion. After getting married and learning that your husband is not circumcised, what should you do? How would you handle such? When you question him about why you haven’t been circumcised, he claims that it is unpleasant,” she wrote on Monday, June 5.

In response to the post, some group members urged her to manage as long as it does not hinder her from becoming pregnant, while others stated she should have done some “background research” before the marriage.

Why didn’t you check your background before getting married? Patience Inyang wrote, “Let him go to the hospital and scrape it off, encourage him.

One Mary Arunta wrote, “I will only give him one week to get circumcised, if not I will do it myself because I am not ready to leave the marriage.”

Get a blade and some scissors, and finish the work, advised Nedu Kings. Not now,”


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