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The Finance Bill is complete and only needs a rubber stamp from Parliament – remember what RUTO stated yesterday?


If President William Ruto’s statements yesterday provide any indication, the Finance Bill 2023 is a done deal.

This comes after he promised to make controversial and difficult decisions to help the country realize its full potential.

Ruto stated during the National Prayer Breakfast that the government was committed to implementing affordable housing to combat unemployment and slum growth.

“As we engage in this debate, let us ask God to help us see the choices that we must make.”

“We must choose between running our country with tax revenues and living beyond our means, incurring even more debt,” the President said.

The President urged leaders to unify behind a vision of a strong, secure, and prosperous Kenya.

“Our commitment is being tested; only bold decisions will allow us to realize our full potential,” he remarked.

The President insisted that no leader could afford to pursue a sabotage strategy in the name of competition.

“Although our ideas may differ, we must never wish for the failure of this nation or the suffering of its people in order to vindicate our politics.” “The pursuit of political goals must advance justice in the country,” Ruto stated.

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