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KAREN NYAMU was caught uploading old PHOTOS with SAMIDOH to upset his wife EDDAY – Women respond and label her a desperate side chick.

Sen. Karen Nyamu, who was nominated, made headlines yesterday when she shared pictures of herself and Samidoh at their son’s school sports day.

Samidoh and Karen can be seen interacting with their son during the sporting event while rocking matching sports suits.

It is already becoming clear that the images date from April.

The sports day at Karen’s son’s school, Dukes Bridge School, was held on April 6 this year, as observant internet users discovered.

She was accused by some online users of sharing old pictures of her and her spouse in an effort to anger Samidoh’s wife Edday.

There are already rumors that Karen Nyamu and Samidoh do not agree.

According to rumors, Samidoh confronted Karen Nyamu last month and accused her of causing the breakdown of his marriage after learning that his wife had no plans to return from the US.

According to reports, Edday has made the decision to go to America with their children as a result of the constant stress Karen Nyamu has produced in their marriage.

Netizens responded in this way after it was discovered that Karen is posting old pictures of herself with Samidoh in an effort to agitate Edday.


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