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Everything was a lie! EPRA confirms Kenyans’ greatest nightmare by failing to explain how RUTO’s oil deal with Saudi Arabia will reduce petrol prices.


President William Ruto may have deceived Kenyans once more over his secret oil deal with Saudi Arabia.

Officials from the Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority (EPRA) were unable to explain how the Government-to-Government fuel deal Ruto made with Saudi Arabia will help the country when they appeared before the National Assembly Public Investments Committee on Commercial Affairs and Energy (PICCAE).

When asked to identify the benefits of the government’s decision to buy oil without using dollars, EPRA was at a loss for words.

The committee’s chair, David Pkosing (Pokot South MP), put the authorities on the spot regarding the ongoing rise in prices despite the early April agreement.

“What was the goal of the G to G (government-to-government) program?” “The dollar is affecting our fuel prices, and EPRA is not responding to Kenyans,” Pkosing said.

He said that the agreement was intended to cushion Kenyans and mitigate fuel price swings, but it actually increased prices.

“Representatives of EPRA appearing before the Committee expressed their inability to adequately address the inquiries regarding the matter,” the committee said at the meeting’s conclusion.

Notably, Ruto chose three foreign companies to supply Kenya with fuel: Amarco, Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation Global Trading (ADNOC), and National Oil Company (NOC).

“As a country, we can buy fuel using local currency, and beginning in April, all of our fuel marketers will be able to buy our fuel products using the shilling,” Ruto said.

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