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After a public outcry, RUTO finally caves in to RAILA’s demand for the Housing Fund – see what he stated that has given Kenyans a breath of relief.


Following a popular outcry, President William Ruto has backed down on the contentious housing levy.

Ruto, through Housing Principal Secretary (PS) Charles Hinga, indicated before the National Assembly’s Finance Committee that the Housing Fund will be adjusted to reflect the diverse opinions of different stakeholders.

The PS emphasized that modifications to the fund, which includes a 3% monthly deduction, will be made to benefit Kenyans.

With the debate surrounding the fund, Hinga was entrusted with explaining how it would increase home ownership.

Kenyans, backed by Azimio Leader Raila Odinga, rejected Ruto’s proposal to remove 3% from workers’ wages to support his housing project and urged that the proposal be reviewed.

“We may disagree on the approach, and there are contentious issues in the Bill that need to be cured, and I hope this Committee will do so,” Hinga said.

“We can fix it, but let’s not lose sight of why we’re advocating for it.” “We’re doing it because we’ve reached a tipping point,” he added.

Nonetheless, he asked the committee to defend the fund in the Finance Bill and revise it before the Second Reading so that the charge is not suspended.

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