CLIFF OMBETA, a criminal lawyer, believes the couple caught taking Dorper sheep at UHURU KENYATTA’s Northlands Farm have no case to answer


Cliff Ombeta, a well-known criminal lawyer, has defended the couple who were caught in their car on Monday transporting a sheep alleged to have been stolen from former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s estate.

The pair with car registration number KCX 047V bought one sheep and they were witnessed loading it on their car.

The animals were purchased from unknown goons who stormed Uhuru’s Northlands Farm and stole 1400 Dorper sheep.

Dorper lambs cost Sh 40,000 each, but the goons sold them to the couple for Sh 1000.

The couple’s identity was revealed on social media, and the husband’s name is Kamarah Pitah.

Many Kenyans urged the authorities to charge the pair, but Ombeta, a criminal lawyer with extensive expertise, claimed the couple had no case to answer.

Responding to Kenyans on Twitter, Ombeta jokingly stated that the duo was not taking the sheep but rather saving it from a dangerous and crowded road. He inquired whether anyone had evidence that the couple had loaded the sheep into their automobile.

“This is not theft. They’re rescuing a trapped sheep who got into a dangerous and busy road. In reality, they had just returned it safely. “Can you see it in the vehicle?” Ombeta inquired.

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