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A 17-year-old babysitter was detained after capturing on camera how she coerced a young child into using marijuana


Naledi Roberts, a 17-year-old babysitter, has been charged with child abuse after allegedly forcing a toddler to consume cannabis from a lighted joint.

Roberts was seen in the video placing the lit joint in the one-year-old girl’s mouth, who breathed while the embers at the end of the cigarette blazed brighter. She then removed it from the child’s lips and placed it in her own before inhaling.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested Roberts on Friday, March 24, according to the Daily Mail, after detectives uncovered the film she had taped.

When questioned, Roberts admitted to using marijuana near the child, who was being cared for by her 16-year-old acquaintance. Yet, when challenged with the video, Roberts admitted to putting the joint in the child’s mouth.

Officers then arrested Roberts and charged him with one count of criminal child abuse. She was arrested and sent to the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center. She has now failed to explain why she put the medicine into the child’s mouth.

According to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, the child did not appear to have sustained any long-term damage as a result of the incident.

Apart from two traffic offenses, Roberts has no prior criminal history. In October 2021 and December 2022, she was caught driving with a learner permit and no one over the age of 21 in the passenger seat. She was fined $166 for each offense.



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