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We will ‘hang you at Uhuru Park’ if anything happens to RAILA. – WILLY MUTUNGA has now informed IG KOOME


Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI) has questioned Police Inspector General (IG) Japhet Koome’s decision to recall select Azimio leaders’ security detail.

MUHURI, through former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, stated in an emotional letter that the IG had erred.

MUHURI went on to say that IG Koome would be held responsible for any chaos that occurred during the Monday protests.

“IG Koome revealed at a press conference on March 26 that he had recalled the police officers guarding the Azimio leaders.”

“Koome should understand that it is every Kenyan’s right to be safe and protected by the police.” “It is not a favor, but a right,” MUHURI wrote in part in a letter.

The Mutunga-led rights group expressed concern about police taking sides in matters of public interest.

“We are deeply disturbed by the Inspector General’s character, which has taken sides in a matter of national and public interest, and in a matter as critical as security,” Mutunga said.

As a result, the organization urged the police to remain neutral on the issue of protests.

“The Inspector General should be aware that the National Police Service is an independent constitutional body mandated by Kenyans through the Constitution to protect and provide security to all Kenyans equally,” Koome was urged.

MUHURI stated that Koome would be held accountable for any deaths or property damage that occurred during the planned protests.

“IG Koome will be held accountable for any lives lost in tomorrow’s demonstrations” (today).

“The police must protect all Kenyans’ lives and property.” “We demand professionalism from the police and peaceful protests from Kenyans,” said the letter.

Koome admitted yesterday that he had withdrawn security for Azimio politicians, including former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

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