See what police seized following a raid on Juja’s Muigai Inn Estate acting on intelligence reports (PHOTOs)


Juja police, led by area OCPD Philis Muthoni, conducted an operation at Muigai Inn Estate, home to renowned Kikuyu artist Muigai Wa Njoroge, and recovered several items from a house suspected of being used as a packaging area for illicit brew.

Among the items are 750 litres of Ethanol and 193 full cartons of 250 ml Star Light Vodka.

Branding rolls (40 for the Budget brand and 50 for the Starlight brand).

There were also about 19,000 bottle caps, 53 bundles of empty Starlight cartons, and 20 Budget cartons, among other things.

One female suspect, Salome, was apprehended during the operation and will be arraigned in court.

Take a look at the photos.


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