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A man marries a homeless woman he met on the streets – Look at how he shaped her life (PHOTOs)


A man won the hearts of Netizens after he changed the life of a homeless woman he met on the streets.

The lady came up to him and asked for money to buy food.

He picked her up, cleaned her up, and got her fresh clothing.

He then sought out her relatives and requested their hand in marriage.

A social media user posted images of the lady’s metamorphosis, writing, “He met her homeless and hungry on the streets.” She requested money from him in order to purchase meals. He cleaned her up and got her new clothing. He went looking for her relatives to beg for their help in marriage because she had already said yes but he wanted permission from her elders.

Your future wife/husband is someplace beneath the bridge, in a decrepit building, or at a homeless shelter. ”Sacrifice your pride and do the right thing.”



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