The tables have turned, with 64% of Kenyans now abandoning RAILA’s anti-RUTO protests


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga may be forced to abandon his weekly protests against President William Ruto’s government due to the high cost of living.

This comes after it was revealed that the majority of Kenyans do not support his protests, which frequently turn violent.

According to a new TIFA opinion poll, 64% of Kenyans oppose Raila’s anti-government protests. Only 36% of Kenyans back Baba’s protests.

Only 56% of Azimio supporters supported these demonstrations.

According to polls, only 16% of Kenyans believe such demonstrations can achieve their ultimate goal of deposing President William Ruto’s government, despite the fact that three times as many Azimio supporters believe this as Kenya Kwanza supporters (29% versus 9%).

The TIFA polls come as Raila has promised the mother of all protests on Monday, with the goal of forcing Ruto out of power for failing to fulfill his campaign promise of lowering the cost of living and refusing to open the IEBC servers.


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