Who is this enigmatic stranger who paid the Nyamira couple, who lived in the US, a visit the night before they were brutally massacred?


The house maid of a US-based couple brutally slain in their luxurious Nyamira home has told that they were visited by a mysterious man on the night they were slaughtered.

The housekeeper, who had only been employed for a short time, claimed that the couple knew the mysterious man through their dealings with him.

She had never seen the stranger before, so she was unable to recognize him.

She made dinner for the couple and their guest before going to sleep in an upstairs room.

The 63-year-old Edward Morema Nyagechi was discovered dead the next morning at 10 am next to his garage with serious slashes on his head and his hands and legs bound with binding wire.

Afterwards, his 60-year-old wife Grace Morema was discovered tied up like her husband in the bedroom with serious slashes around her neck.

There are no signs of forced entry into the house, according to preliminary investigations.

Also malfunctioning during the time of the murder was the CCTV.

Investigators investigated the homicide scene and are trying to piece the mystery man’s identify and what time he departed the Nyamira estate.


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