A “brought back from the dead” man describes what it’s like there


After being brought back to life from the brink of death, a 55-year-old man has shared his shocking experience with the afterlife.

Kevin Hill’s heart stopped beating unexpectedly while he was being treated at Derby Royal Hospital for calciphylaxis, a rare disease in which calcium accumulates in small blood vessels of the fat and skin tissues.

Doctors dubbed Mr. Hill the “miracle man” for his recovery, and he said he entered a “spirit realm” where he watched his body deteriorate from the sidelines.

‘I wasn’t looking down at my body, but I was separate from my body,’ he explained.

‘It was as if I were in the spirit realm — I was aware of what was going on, but I was at peace.’

Mr. Hill underwent heart surgery in January 2022 due to a problem with his heart valve.

This caused him to retain water in his legs, and after a year in the hospital and medication, he lost 65kg of water weight. Mr. Hill then developed calciphylaxis.

It can result in blood clots and painful skin ulcers, both of which can lead to bleeding.

The condition almost always affects patients with chronic kidney disease.

‘I had the disease for months,’ he explained. ‘My skin was destroying me.’ My legs were bleeding out for three days and wouldn’t stop.’

He claimed he lost five pints of blood before his heart stopped and that he was dead for a few minutes before being resuscitated by doctors.

‘I knew I was bleeding,’ said Mr. Hill of Derbyshire. I could tell it was serious. The staff came in and out repeatedly to stop the bleeding.’

Kevin stated that he was on the sidelines watching the NHS staff attempt to save him.

‘I knew I’d died,’ he said. I was no longer connected to my body.

‘Then I just went to sleep and I woke up, alive and the bleeding had stopped. I knew it wasn’t my time to pass away.

‘The situation has caused me to rethink my priorities. My family’s dynamic shifted dramatically after I was released from the hospital.

‘I’ve grown more forgiving. ‘I know I can recover.’

Mr. Hill has made a near-complete recovery and is now back at home with his 52-year-old wife Camille.

‘I am in the final stages of recovery,’ he said. I still have some pain in my right leg, but it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be – I would cry for hours.

‘My pain level used to be a 100 out of 10, but it’s now a four.

‘Everyone said I should be dead,’ she says.


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