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The couple has been forbidden from naming their child HADES, which is the name of the Greek god of the dead and king of the underworld


The name Hades, which is also the name of the ancient Greek deity of the dead and ruler of the underworld, has been outlawed in France for a couple’s newborn child.

In September of last year, Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez of Saint-Malo, Brittany, France, welcomed their baby into the world.

Mail Online reports that the parents claim they unintentionally chose to name their child after the Greek underworld god, the invisible one, and ruler of the land of the dead.

Hades Velasquez Desgres, a name they thought sounded “beautiful,” was thus welcomed into the world. The Saint-Malo public prosecutor informed them that the name had been rejected after they had submitted the necessary papers.

We picked this name purely out of aesthetic preference.

According to Ms. Desgres, “Hades Velasquez Desgres sounds fine,” the local paper Le Pays Malouin said.

Nobody connected the dots between her baby’s name and the Greek deity of the dead, she said, so it didn’t surprise anyone. Contrarily, people seem to like it.

If a name is not in the best interests of the kid, authorities in France have the right to object and order the parents to change the baby’s name.

In the instance of Hades, the public prosecutor determined that the name was inappropriate for a kid due to its negative connotation as the deity of the underworld who forbids the dead from departing.

Since they didn’t give their son a name like Lucifer or Satan, the parents claimed they didn’t comprehend the choice.

The parents have already located other parents who named their child Hades – 12 in 2020 – whose name choice was accepted without issue. The pair hired a lawyer in their battle to keep their baby’s name.

To demonstrate that their children weren’t teased because of their odd first names, Ms. Desgres and Mr. Velasquez even got in touch with the parents of the other Hades-named kids.

On April 4, a judicial judgement on the matter is anticipated.



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